Nothing New Under The Sun? Whatever.

Obviously, it’s fun for the papers to pretend that the youth of today invented disaffection and nonchalance (a stance which appears to forget the popularity of, say, Brando in The Wild One), and of course it means you can fill column inches with Why Oh Why Oh Why Are The Youth Of Today Impregnating Each Other And Causing House Prices To Collapse? and the like.

However, the shoulder-shrugging lack of interest which young people are often accused of displaying can be traced back many years – to my father’s generation, if not before that; here, for example, is Tommy Walls, a character who appeared in many issues of the classic comic Eagle, including its first edition in 1950:

Like so many of the young people on my television set in modern shows such as Police Camera Action Stop Or I’ll Shoot in HD, Master Walls appears to be showing a lack of respec’ for the official standing next to him, and he doesn’t seem in the least bothered that another member of his gang of street toughs is being put into a police van in the background.

Young people thenadays, eh? Tch.


It’s Easy To Mock when You Don’t Really Know What You’re Talking About. And Often More Fun, Too.


My Advice? Always Pick The Easy Targets

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