King Dome, But Not The Hospital

As part of their promotional push for the new Stephen King novel Under The Dome, Hodder and Stoughton are holding a writing competition.

The idea is that you ‘take your inspiration from the new novel’ (in whatever way you interpret that), and send your creative writing in, and if you win Stephen King will read your writing and you get a signed copy of the book. Not a bad prize, all things considered, and you have until 15 December to send in your piece of 2,000 words or less (they’re also running some non-writing competitions, but they close tomorrow).

Details of all the competitions are here, but the writing one in particular can be found by clickety-clicking here.

I have a vague notion of an idea for it, and it’s not an onerous wordcount to do in a month or so, so I might have a go… if you enter, let me know how you get on.


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  1. The book sounds good, are you planning on getting it ?

  2. It sounds pretty interesting, doesn't it? I might wait for the paperback – though I feel King's large-scale cast stuff varies; I liked the interwoven nature of Needful Things, but The Stand had so many characters doing so many things that every time he changed scene it felt like he had to recap on where they'd been while we were elsewhere, as it were… then again, many people love The Stand and think it's his best book, so what do I know?

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