You may already have seen it, but I’ve recently been playing around with Blinkbox, a site where you can watch a variety of TV shows online, for free.

There seems to be a good mix of shows to see for nowt, including some Troughton Doctor Whos, pretty much all of Big Train and The Young Ones, and a goodly chunk of The League Of Gentlemen and Hustle.

You can see details of the free TV shows here, and they also have free films here.

You have to watch short adverts before the things start, but I guess that’s how they fund the site, and I have to say they play much more smoothly than, say, the itvplayer thing, which I always find very bumpy and user-hostile.

Anyway, thought it was worth pointing you towards it – if you’re looking for some spooky stuff to watch for Hallowe’en, they have a couple of older scary films and TV shows, which might be of interest.

No connection whatsoever, I just liked the fact they have free streaming of TV shows which I enjoy.