“Does It Come In Black?”

So, Amazon have announced that their Kindle device will be available in an international form from 19 October. Which intrigues me.

I’m currently looking into the possibility of an e-reader for some hefty reference items I have in PDF, and the Kindle seems quite appealing, as it takes PDFs and allows you to annotate items (including, unless you can inform me otherwise PDFs), so that sounds about right. And the price is lower than the Sony ones I’d been mulling over and the like.

However, whilst carrying round something small and light is obviously more appealing than lugging round a big printed document, or reading a PDF off a screen (I often feel as if I spend about 90% of my waking hours in front of a screen of some sort or other), I’m slightly wary of getting dead-ended into a bit of tech that doesn’t last for a good number of years; I still think MiniDiscs are a terrific format, and they were super-useful when I was producing a hospital radio show every week, but now I can only use the MiniDisc recorder for a handful of purposes, and so it languishes in a drawer next to my AAC-format Sony music player.

So I’m not keen to go spending a three-digit sum on something which may prove to be something of a technological dead-end, and I have other reservations – there’s a whole DRM hoo-hah about books which you can buy for it, and Amazon recently had to undergo the irony of removing copies of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four from users’ Kindles. Then again, given the name of the device, it’s probably fortunate that it wasn’t Fahrenheit 451.

I guess I’ll wait until the devices actually start arriving in the UK before I throw my hat (a hat full of money) into the ring, and see if there are positive reviews; I like the idea of wirelessly buying books and magazines, sure, but I don’t want to end up with a bit of kit that’s duff sooner rather than later.

And besides, to answer my own question, no, it’s not available in black. Tch.

If any of you good folks have strong opinions about this subject (and to short-cut the usual comment, no I see it as supplementary to my bookshelf, not replacing it), or experience of using a reading doohickey of this type, please share in the Comments, eh? As is so often the case, I’m just learning my way around the topic, and informed input is always welcome.


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  1. I quite fancy one of these too, trouble is it's a steep price, I've never actually seen one working and what if it only lasts a year ?

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