Per Internet Ad Astra

As this picture suggests, outer space is watching us, and as Nietzsche didn’t quite say, if the abyss gazes into us, shouldn’t we also gaze into it ? I think so.

Anyway, in the spirit of checking our Dobsonians have their secondary mirrors aligned correctly (and other matters astronomical), I’d like to point you towards this page on NASA’s website, where you can arrange to have your name – or someone else’s name – put onto a microchip which will be put onto the Mars Science Laboratory rover which will be heading to Mars in 2011.

Granted, thousands of other names will be on there too, but I think it’s an amusing thing anyway, and if you know a fan of matters celestial, they might like to be included. When you sign up, you can print off a free certificate, which could be a fun present for someone.

Until next time, keep watching the skies…


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  1. Mad and brilliant all at the same time.

  2. Why, thank you – I do try…

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