Now I Think About It, Plastic’s Not Actually That Malleable, So Perhaps ‘Rubber Man’ Would Have Been More Appropriate A Name?

Pictured, the comic character Plastic Man, who you may recognise from the cartoons which used to be shown on TV.

However, despite the fact that the glasses look kind of similar, am I alone in thinking that ‘Plastic Man’ may not have been the original name for this fancy dress costume?

The hair doesn’t match at all, and the overall look and pose makes me think it may actually have been intended to be someone else who recently died, and who was alleged to have had a fair amount of involvement with plastic in a more medical sense…


My First Attempt At Uploading Home-Made (Well, Abroad-Made, But You Know What I Mean) Video To The Blog….


Seeing Signs And Picking Up On Clues


  1. Interestingly, John, there was once a Rubber Man.

    Nat Jackley was a music hall performer and actor, who appeared in the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour, and specialised in something called The Rubber Neck Dance. Hmm.

  2. Ah, I did wonder if there might already be a fakir-type character before the superhero…


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