Whilst a lot of coverage of events in Scotland at this time of year focuses on the Edinburgh Fringe, it’s good to see that Auntie Beeb hasn’t forgotten that there are other places in Scotland.

By which I mean: the BBC Writersroom are holding a couple of their roadshow events in Scotland in September.

On Tuesday 1 September, they’re at the probably-not-named-after-the-film Tron Theatre in Glasgow, on Thursday 17 September they’ll be at the probably-not-named-after-the-computer Spectrum Theatre in Inverness, followed by the not-named-after-anything-I-can-think-of-to-allude-to Caird Hall in Dundee on Wednesday 14 October.

Oh, hang on, I’ve just realised that they’re scooting down to the Norwich Playhouse on Wednesday 6 October, which rather throws off the Scottish run of events, doesn’t it? Anyway, 75% Scottish is a good enough proportion to justify the overarching theme of this post, I think.

As is usual with these roadshows, folks from the Writersroom will be talking about what they look for in scripts and how they assess them, and you can save on postage costs by handing your script in to them in person, too.

Entry’s free, but you do need to get your name on the list so they’ll unclip the velvet rope and let you in, and you can find out how to do this (and all the other salient details) here.