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It’s a very strange and busy day, so I won’t linger long, but I wanted to share the following:

Mrs S and I are currently re-watching Prime Suspect, and it’s good to see that memory hasn’t amplified the programme’s quality, not time diminished it; it’s of a generally very high quality, and despite the length of the episodes, it’s good and pacey.

What I didn’t know, however, was that in 1980, Lynda la Plante, who created the show (as well as the frankly-not-good Killer Net, but let’s pretend that didn’t happen) appeared in Rentaghost as the character Tamara Novek.

Crikey. Definitely one for the ‘I had no idea’ file as far as I’m concerned.

EDITED TO ADD: Photographic evidence, to prove I’m not just making this stuff up.


He Also Provided Colours For a Comic Called Watchmen, Which You Might Have Heard Of…


I’ve Been Watching The West Wing A Lot Recently, And As A Result Have Delusions That I Could Be A Political Advisor

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  1. Rentaghost ? Let it go.

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