I’ve often thought that John Higgins is a rather under-exposed comic writer and artist; not necessarily under-rated, as people who know of his work tend to admire it, but it’s not as if the release of a new item from him is likely to be made at the San Diego or Chicago conventions, which is a pity, as he’s a good solid artist (and a particularly skilled painter), and a friendly chap (I say this on the basis of having met John at a convention in about 1986, where my fanboy excitement meant I gabbled and talked nonsense, but he was very indulgent of my drivel).

Anyway, the first 22 pages of Razorjack, which he both wrote and drew, can now be seen for free online here – it’s a PDF file, so you’ll need to have appropriate PDF-reading software – and I think you’ll agree it’s worth a look.

And no, despite Hollywood’s current fondness for adapting comics to film, it was not the source material for that Russell Mulcahy film about a killer Boar.