At Least One Of You Is Demonstrably, Provably, Better Than Me. Come On, Admit It. I Can Take It.

I have to admit I’m kind of surprised how few people I’ve seen blogging (or otherwise writing online) about having made it through to the Workshop stage of the CBBC Writing Competition.

Can it be that nobody with an online presence has made it into the final numbers ? I should be fairly surprised if that’s the case, but then again, maybe the winners spend less time online and more time on writing… hmm, there may be some kind of notion there. Ah, I’m sure it’s nothing.

Anyway, if you – or anyone you know – has been invited to the workshop (which, I suddenly realise, is taking place this very day), do let me know, I’d be keen to know how it went.

And finally on this topic, if you haven’t already seen it, there’s a post on the BBC Writersroom blog which gives more information about the judging process for the competition, how many entries there were, and the like, which I think is worth a look (including the comments – the original poster, Paul Ashton, returned to reply to comments from entrants).


On The Other Hand, I May Just Be Relieved That The Oft-Suggested Mel Gibson Version Didn’t Materialise


Swiping From The Thieves, Perhaps?


  1. M'colleague Kulvinder Gill was shortlisted and has now done a guest blog post over at my place with all his notes from the Masterclass:

  2. Oh, that's interesting stuff! Thanks (to both of you) for sharing.

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