It’s been a bit of a frenzied few days in terms of pop culture news, what with the San Diego Comic-Con taking place, but I think one of the more interesting items that’s floated out has been the trailer for the AMC/ITV remake of The Prisoner, starring Ian McKellen and Jim Caviezel.

Here, have a look:

It appears more obviously action-oriented than the original version, but it looks as if they’ve genuinely tried just not to lean on the goodwill people might have towards the McGoohan version, but instead to come up with a story in its own right. I mean, I’m far from certain there’s any kind of burning need to redo the show in the first place, but at least there seems to be have been some effort put into this one (yes, The Avengers film, I’m looking at you).

Actually, thinking about it, there was an interview with Bill Gallagher, the writer of the new version in the Writers’ Guild GB magazine, UK Writer, a couple of months ago – and lo and behold, it’s online here. It does seem to show he took it seriously, which is reassuring.

Anyway, it could be awful, but for the moment, I’m cautiously optimistic. Given ITV’s current financial troubles, lord only knows when it’ll air here in the UK (it’s a USA-UK co-production), but on the basis of the trailer, I’ll probably give it a go.

A tip of the hat to Dan Owen, whose excellent blog Dan’s Media Digest was where I found this video. His original posting of it can be seen here – and while you’re there, have a look around. He’s a very good writer, and there are many things there to enjoy.