Unlike Him, I Can’t Quite Put My Finger On It

I can’t quite shake the feeling that this picture might have been manipulated in some way. Not exactly sure what it is, but something about it isn’t quite right…

Taken from p4 of this, in case you think I’m making it up (as I so often do).


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  1. No, it hasn't been photoshopped. He's just got a very very big hand.

  2. Looks more like a claw, really.
    It wasn't really the size of his hand, there was something else that seemed a bit off…

  3. Oh, do you mean the variable geometry of the geography?

  4. I think that may be it. He appears to be the God of Bizarro World.

  5. Quite apart from the fact that if he was really holding the planet Earth then he would be causing catastrophic global destruction and the near-instant death of every living organism by removing Earth from its orbit around the Sun.

  6. Yeah, but it's from an MBA brochure, so I guess he's qualified to make the decision to replace the South Pole – sorry, the eloP htuoS – with his hand.

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