This week saw the release of a set of stamps in the UK on the theme of ‘mythical creatures’ (pictured) .

I wouldn’t normally blog about stamps, but I think these are of note because they were drawn by Dave McKean, a staggeringly versatile and talented artist, and they’re accompanied by (very) short tales written by his oftentimes-collaborator Neil Gaiman. There’s a presentation pack available which includes the stories, but they’re also available online to read, here.

I like these stamps, I have to say – but given that the only living person who’s supposed to be depicted on stamps is the Queen, it does rather mean that the giant, pixie, mermaid and fairy must be dead. Which is the sort of thing which could upset a small child , and possibly even make them cry.

Quick, find a small child who collects stamps and tell them!

Yes, I know: I am an appalling man.