Snake In The Past

Presented for your comparison: the cover of Warren Ellis’s novel Crooked Little Vein (2007) and the logo for Glenn Beck’s Common Sense Comedy tour (2009).

Mr Ellis is a noted writer, especially in the field of comics. Mr Beck presents shows for Fox News. You can probably guess whose work I admire more.

There is, I realise, the possibility that the snake image is based on something pre-existing – it does, for example, look a bit like an olde worlde map drawing of a river – and that the above snarking is missing a fundamental point. Put me straight, by all means – that’s what the Comment function is for.

EDITED TO ADD: the ever-vigilant Piers has pointed out that it’s derived from a common source – a woodcut by Benjamin Franklin from 1754. I am suitably chastened.


Maybe She’s A Giant Who Lives In The Flat Downstairs And Has Smashed Through


The Mirror Seems Unable To Reflect Upon Itself


  1. There's another version on DHD, suggesting they're all riffing off something pre-existing.


    Here you go, it's a woodcut by Benjamin Franklin.

  2. Oh, smart chap. I shall edit the post accordingly… this is the second time I've had to change a post because of your sharp-eyedness, I realise. I owe you a drink for saving me from excess public shame, I think.

  3. That sounds like a fine plan to me. Coming down the Knights Templar on the 16th?

  4. Already have (unchangable and already paid-for) plans that night, unfortunately – pity, sounds like it'll be quite the sizable bash!

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