BBC Writersroom Event: CBBC Q&A

Please forgive the acronym-laden heading for this post, but hopefully it’ll prove useful; if, like me, you’re planning to send something to the CBBC Writing Opportunity I posted about here, you may be interested to hear that the BBC Writersroom are holding a Q&A event with the Steven Andrew, the new head of CBBC Drama.

It’s being held in the evening of Monday 15 June, at the Royal Court Theatre in London. Exact time is to be arranged, and you have to send an e-mail to get on the guest list, but it is free to get in, and could prove useful… even if attending does mean a risk that one might realise that the draft script needs a complete and utter re-draft in the light of things which might be said.

Still, worth attending, I’d say, and you can get all the information here.

I’m planning on going – anyone else game for it ?


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  1. I would if I lived anywhere near – their writersroom roadshow was great when in Edinburgh last summer.

    I hope you will blog the best bits….

  2. I'll be there 🙂

    I also fear that in the light of things learnt I will leave thinking "Argh, my script just won't do!" and having to start all over…

    But still, it will be fabulous to learn more about writing for children and what they want from new writers in the genre.

  3. Laura, afraid I can't share anything as I don't want to give anyone else a share of the advantage that I'll be gaining… oh, all right then, you talked me into it. I'll see what I can do!
    And Sofluid, I think it should be an interesting event – I know precious little about this area of screenwriting, so my mind awaits hints and tips..

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