Now, I’ll freely admit that being a chap of a certain age means that the release dates of the original Star Wars films coincided with certain ages, and thus stages, in my life; which means that I can understand the gist of the titular plotline in the Friends episode, The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy.

That said, I still find myself slightly worried by the existence of this.

And then even more worried by the fact you can also buy this.

Still, I can only hope anyone willing to buy and wear the items in question is likely to do us all a favour, and confine the wearing – and (shudder) anything that may accompany or follow it – to the privacy of their own homes. Due to the design, you’d be unlikely to go outside wearing them, I guess – one’d probably be too hot, and the other too cold. Thankfully.

I was alerted to the existence of these items, as I so often am when it comes to pop culture tat, by Mike Sterling, whose blog I heartily recommend. ‘Tis always good for a laugh.