I don’t often review single issues of comics here on’t blog – or collected comics, for that matter – but this is a good ‘un, and I thought it was worth drawing to your attention.

Unwritten is a new series published by Vertigo Comics (the ‘mature’ wing of DC Comics). It’s written by Mike Carey and drawn by Peter Gross, and tells the story of Tommy Taylor. Taylor’s father was a writer, and like A.A. Milne, wrote books featuring a character with the same name as his son. Taylor Senior has disappeared, leaving a legacy of books which bear a resemblance to – but, we are told, are more popular than – the Harry Potter series.

As the series opens, Tommy’s making a fairly unsuccessful living attending conventions and making personal appearances. It’s at one of these conventions that he’s asked some questions by an audience member which start to suggest that Tommy may, in a way, not be as real as he might believe. Things unravel pretty quickly from there, and the first issue sets things up very promisingly. The art’s good and clear, and flashy and impressive when needed, and the dialogue is – gasp – close to how people actually speak, which has to be a good thing.

So, a good comic, and the final selling point is that this first issue, which contains 32 pages of story, is on sale at the lure-you-in price of $1 (or, here in Blighty, about 75p). You can spend that on a fizzy drink, which your system will just turn into wee, so why not give this comic a read instead ? You may have to go to an actual comic shop to get it, but it’s a very decent read. If nothing else, you can smile, as I did, at the opening pages and their similarity to events in the Potter books/films.