I’ve said it before, and I’ll no doubt say it many more times: chocolate is an evil which must be stamped out – one bar at a time, if need be.

Anyway, tying together chocolate with the not-rubbish pastime of reading, Galaxy are currently running a promotion where their products have little codes inside the wrapper, and you can enter those onto their website and win a book. As the (swiped from their site) picture shows, they have a million books to be won by the end of August, which is a lot of books. Almost as many as are glaring at me from my ‘to read’ shelf, but that’s not something I ought to get into now.

The thing is, you don’t have to buy chocolate (or, indeed, anything) to enter – if you go to this page and enter the appropriate details, they’ll send you a free code, so you can have a go for nothing. And you’re allowed to request a code every day until the promotion ends, which seems pretty fair to me.

You might want to check the list of books to see if the possible prizes are the sort of book you’d like to read, granted, but if you do win one, let me know, eh ? I’ve tried a couple of times now with no success, and I’m starting to think it’s like one of those Reader’s Digest Prize Draws that we’re told are legit, but no-one really seems to believe in…