Over at his blog, m’chum Steve recently shared the amusing story of an art student’s work to make a car blend in with its surroundings – if you haven’t already seen the story, I recommend a quick scoot over to look at it. Come back here, though. Please. I get so very lonely.

Back now? Fun story, I think you’d agree. Anyway, within 24 hours of seeing about the vanishing car, I came across a magazine article about Benedict Radcliffe, an artist who, as opposed to making a car disappear, made an illusory Lamborghini, which you can see above. That’s right, the orange ‘drawing’ above isn’t a drawing at all, it’s a to-scale model of the car’s outline which he actually placed on the street.

For more details of how Benedict went about making this eye-startling item, with more pictures, have a look here.