I’ve long been a fan of the writing of Joe Queenan. The best of his work, to my mind, is the stuff on film and general pop culture, but his autobiographical writing isn’t so shabby either.

So I was quite interested to see that there was an interview by Queenan with William Goldman, a screenwriter whose CV isn’t what anyone could call shabby – All The President’s Men, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, Misery, and The Princess Bride – in one of the newspapers last weekend. Not interested enough to actually pay for it, mind.

But, through the wonders of the internet, the interview’s now available online (where it’s free to read), and it’s located here.

It’s rather lighter than I’d expected – oh, all right, I admit it, I was kind of hoping for a clash between two fairly-strongly-opinioned men – and not as scabrous as Queenan’s usual style; then again, Goldman knows more about screenwriting and working in Hollywood than many people will learn in a dozen lifetimes, so it’s certainly worth a look.