The Last Time I Saw Someone All Over BBC Continuing Drama Like This, It Was Slater Week

In amongst a crowd of rowdy hooligans in a pub the other day (yes, they were writers), I met Paul Campbell. Paul seemed a friendly chap, and he’s also rather prolific and successful on the writing front.

How successful, you ask? Well, tonight on BBC1, he has not one, but two programmes being shown with his name in the Written By credit – and what’s more, they’re straight after each other, making for a full 90 minutes of prime-time schedule that’s sprung from his words.


If we’re going to split hairs, though, there will be one of those questionable 90-second ‘news updates’ between the two programmes, but I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Paul finds some way to work himself into the events of the day, as he was muttering darkly about streaking across Parliament Square to ensure the news coverage.

Oh, all right, I made that last bit up; but if you are watching TV in Blighty tonight, why not have a look at one of (or even both of) the programmes Paul’s written? He wrote tonight’s EastEnders (7.30pm) and Holby City (8pm).

As I say, he’s a thoroughly friendly chap, and it’s always good to see the decent sorts doing well, innit?


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  1. Hooligans indeed…every one of them. Your good self and Sir Campbell included. 😉

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