On The Bus, With A Student Pass

Perhaps it’s the fact that they’re both would-be lotharios, but I feel that Jay of The Inbetweeners (played by James Buckley) looks rather like a young version of Jack from On The Buses, as played by Bob Grant.

Just me, then? Ah well.

Anyway, The Inbetweeners is a horribly accurate depiction of male teenagers, and very funny as a result. Have a look at it by following the link above – all the episodes are, I think, free to download or stream from Channel 4’s 4OnDemand service, so you can see if you like it for nought pee.


How To Annoy People – Lesson The Third


Free Doctor Who Episode On iTunes


  1. Soanes, get that bus out!

  2. Totally, I’ve often thought that – they could be related!

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