First Album Cover Photo Shoot? Let’s Make It Something Lively And Eye-Catching Which Will Appeal To As Wide An Audience As Possible, Right?

Oh dear.

Could we get a coffee for Mr Quigg, please? Or some Red Bull?

Ah sod it, get a man with a pointy stick.


And Even If It Comes In At Less Than A Thousand, At Least It Spares You From My Usual Verbosity


Bobby Mack’s In Town. No, Not Billy Mack From Love Actually.


  1. Can’t you see that the boy is *smouldering*?

  2. Oddly enough, I named the jpeg to that effect, but it still looks like he’s taken too much Ovaltine to me.

  3. Maybe someone has set fire to him.

  4. I know this sounds really awful, but is he missing a chromosome? 😉

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