It’s a few days into this year’s round of ScriptFrenzy.

You may have heard of this before – rather like a National Novel Writing Month for screenplays, the idea is to try to write 100 pages in screenplay form by the end of April. It doesn’t have to be one screenplay, and I think you can submit 100 pages out of a longer script as long as you’ve written them during April. I say ‘submit’ but it’s not as if there’s some stern judging panel or anything like that – it’s all in fun, and very much works on an honesty system, though I think you can submit your chunk of pages in a scrambled form to validate your page count. As for prizes, I think you can download certificates or icons or what have you, but I think the idea is more to feel the satisfaction of having done a healthy chunk of writing.

Anyway, is anybody out there having a go at this? I know it’s already underway, but it seems quite fun, and it could be an amusing spur for me to get on with a script which I’ve probably been thinking about for too long…

Oh, and did I mention that it’s free of charge to take part? I didn’t? Well, it is.