As Steve reported back in November, he and I went to see The IT Crowd being filmed. Afterwards I pretty much forced Matt Berry, one of the stars, to shake my hand as he left the Green Room, and I rather stumblingly congratulated him on a good performance that evening. He was very pleasant about this, and seemed like a nice chap.

Flashforward to now, and as if to emphasise his decency, Matt’s made a free download of his new album Witchazel available on the interweb. Look, there’s a picture of it above. And it appears that none other than Paul McCartney is featured on one of the tracks. Crikey.

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but I’ve just looked out of the window and it’s rather rainy, so why not stay in, get yourself a cup of tea (or coffee, or even absinthe if you prefer), and listen to some music?

You can download it here.