Reluctant Post, As It Might Be Seen As Providing The Oxygen Of Publicity, But…

… seriously, I wasn’t overkeen on providing yet more coverage of a topic which is already very much covered elsewhere, and yet another post which just makes a cheap joke about something I’ve spotted, but I felt I had to comment on the latest issue of OK! magazine.

It is, as you can see, a tribute to Jade Goody, with the dates of her life and death given on the cover. This strikes me as rather questionable for two related reasons:

1. As of this writing, Jade Goody is still alive (very ill, granted, but alive), so they could have waited.

2. If they had waited a week, it would have meant that their Jade Goody Official Tribute Issue would not have been issue number 666.

I mean, come on


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  1. I cannot believe they have put her date of death like that, I’ve never seen something so tasteless in all my life. It makes you realise that if these reality stars are annoying, the immense media machine that creates and follows them is just plain sinister.

  2. It’s amazing, isn’t it? In the worst possible way.
    I think OK! is published by the same people as the Express, whose journalistic approach is the focus of a fair amount of online attention right now…

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