“To Him The Porter Openeth; And The Sheep Hear His Voice: And He Calleth His Own Sheep By Name, And Leadeth Them Out”*

Paul Haggis.
Osama Bin Laden.
Edie Brickell.
Chuck Norris.
Sharon Stone.
Rick Rubin.

What do all the above-named people have in common?

That’s right, they were all born on this day, 10 March. And whaddaya know, 38 years ago, so was I.

I don’t work on my birthday (and have managed to stick to that rule for over a decade now, and not just so I don’t have to supply my workmates with cakes), and so, apart from posting this at the exact time of my birth**, I don’t expect to be posting anything else today… let’s both enjoy the absence of updates, eh?

*John 10:3, but I’m sure you recognised the source.

**Sorry Mum.


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  1. Happy Birthday!

    I never work my birthday either. It’s a good gift to give yourself 🙂

    Hope you have a nice day planned!

  2. Many happy returns, John. It’s mine in two days’ time. I share my birthday with Jack Kerouak, Liza Minelli, and John Aubrey (albeit he was born before the calendar changed in 1752, but I feel I have more in common with a seventeenth century writer than with a beat poet or a Hollywood actress!)

    Have a good day.

  3. Chuck Norris !! YES !!

  4. Thanks all – was well and truly spoiled by the ever-remarkable Mrs Soanes, and had a terrific time!


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