I am both startled and pleased to report that today is World Book Day 2009 (the former reaction because it hardly seems a year since the last one, and the latter because it’s good thing).

As with last year, £1 book tokens are given to large numbers of schoolchildren, and a selection of £1 books are made available in bookshops. I’m sure you can see how those two events can be made to interweave happily.

It’s not just about young readers, though – a number of Quickreads, short books priced at £1.99 and aimed at occasional or learning adult readers will be published today, featuring popular writers and characters, in the hope of encouraging more people to read.

So, if you know someone who’s been given a £1 book token, or someone who doesn’t read books very often (a habit a lot of people seem to take pride in, much to my bewilderment), why not encourage them to try one of the WBD books? Or even buy one for them as a pressie.

It could cost less than a cup of coffee, is less likely to end up in the toilet (I hope), and could start, or re-kindle, an appreciation of the written word.

(I have no connection with WBD or any of the authors or publishers involved – I just think it’s a really good idea, and want to alert people to the event.)