Hot – well, all right, more like lukewarm – on the heels of my post about a delightful item you can buy comes this one, with news of another replica. A choice one, and not one that you might have to be slightly bonkers to buy, oh no.

So then, the Friday the 13th Movie 2009 Jason Voorhees Machete Prop Replica. Three feet long, but don’t worry, the edge is dull, so even though people may involuntarily void their bowels when they see it hung proudly over your fireplace, with its bloodstains a-glistening, you can reassure them that they’re not going to get cut by it.

Mind you, they might wonder why you’d spend $189.99 on a replica machete when you could probably buy a real one for less, but that rather leads into the issue of why you might want a machete (unless it’s the chap from Spy Kids and that Grindhouse trailer) in your home anyway… and that’s probably a question best left unanswered, isn’t it?