I haven’t watched 24 since a few episodes into Day Two (when Kim got trapped in the bunker with a bloke who said WWIII had started, like that scene in Grease 2, I made my excuses and left), but a thought occurred to me this week.

And that thought became a half-formed pitch, and then my limited MS Paint skills were brought into play.

So, the pitch is this: since each series of 24 takes place during one day, why not pick a day (and a location) which pretty much guarantees that Jack Bauer will have a, let’s say, lively day? One with a cross-over aspect to increase market synergies, yes?

Ladies and gents, I suggest to you :

Friday the 13th Part 24.

Those of you who have Photoshop skills, feel free to design a logo. I’ll mention you in the ‘Special Thanks To’ list of names at the end of the credits.

Admit it, you’d pay to watch it.