Bright Lights, My City

I live, as I’ve probably mentioned several million times before, in London. And I love it – the city’s endlessly fascinating, and it’s been kind to me, bringing me a number of opportunities and friends I doubt I would have encountered elsewhere (and yes, that includes my lovely wife).

So, it’s with an utterly ill-founded sense of pride (seeing as how I wasn’t actually born in London, as much as I consider it my home) that I provide you with the link to this page, where you can see a selection of frankly stunning aerial pictures of London taken at night by the ferociously talented photographer Jason Hawkes.

The picture reproduced here, I hope, gives you a hint of the delights that await you – and yes, I chose this one because it’s a view of my manor, East London. Other than that, and unusually for me, I have little else to add – save that to point out that the picture above is, of course, totally and utterly copyright Jason Hawkes, and the reproduction here is done out of respect and awe as opposed to any kind of attempt to infringe!

Anyway, stop reading my semi-disclaimer, and get thee to the pictures!


If I Scribble The Name In A Hurry, It Looks More Like Tate Modem


Even By My Standards, This Is Wilfully Obscure


  1. Is that you I can see standing atop one of the skyscrapers wearing a cape ?

  2. Amazing shots eh? I put some up on my blog too.

  3. Oop, didn’t spot that, I look like a plagiarist. But they are terrific.
    And no, that’s not me on the roof, Stu. I’m sure I have no idea what you mean…

  4. Wow. That second picture looks like some sort of futuristic city. Breathtaking!

  5. Now you mention it, it looks rather like something from The Fifth Element, doesn’t it?

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