One Of My Intermittent Posts About Twin Peaks, This Time With Pictures

I’ve written before about my fondness for the TV show Twin Peaks, and I’ll no doubt do so again (perhaps, one day, even explaining why I like it so), and in case you haven’t guessed it by the start of this sentence… well, this is one of those posts. If you’re not interested in this subject, normal service (if that’s what it can be called) will be resumed as of the next post.

Anyway – for those of you who are still here – I was rather amused to hear that a Twin Peaks variant of a range of skateboarding trainers was being released; partly because it’s almost two decades since the show was last on TV, and also because I’m 37 years old, for goodness’ sake, and the idea of trainers featuring motifs from a TV show really shouldn’t elicit the question ‘Where can I get them?’ and have me reaching for the internet so quickly. Still, I think we’ve established I’m an overgrown infant, and so the pictures surrounding these words are pictures I’ve actually taken of my shoes, which I received yesterday.

The first picture gives you a general idea of the trainer – as you can see immediately, there’s an owl pictured on it, in line with one of TP’s signature phrases (or should that be warnings?) “The owls are not what they seem”. As well as the green stitching along the shoe, and the spare green laces supplied, there’s a hint of patterning on the ‘grey’ area which might be faintly fern-like or leafy, but that might be me looking for more of a bucolic motif than is actually present.

The second picture is perhaps not a usual angle to take a photo from, but people with perhaps even a passing familiarity with TP will probably understand why I did it; the red sides of the inside of the shoe, combined with the zig-zag pattern on the insole, combine to create an in-shoe replica of the ‘Red Room’, one of the series’ most memorable locations (if indeed it has a physical existence). Only certain people can enter the room, and in certain circumstances, but with these shoes any old clown (by which I mean me) can at least send their feet in. And, for what it’s worth it, they’re really rather comfy.

I’m no kind of trainer expert – though my father often maintains that I “should be trained by now, surely?” – but these seem well made, and comfy, with enough extras and doodads to keep Twin Peaks fans amused. How they work for skateboarding or other physical activities I couldn’t say, but there will probably be proper reviews elsewhere on the internet of that sort of thing. Oh, and one final touch I forgot to mention – the paper surrounding the shoes (in the box they arrived in) has a wood-style print on them, which seems to continue the generally ‘nature-based’ look of the whole package.

Overall, then, a nice job on a slightly odd choice of TP-tie in, and they’ve brought a smile to my face and a slightly increased bounce to my step. I got mine from Flatspot, and the service was very good, though of course other firms should be able to supply them.


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