I just spotted the first issue of this series in the newsagent today.

It’s one of those partworks which only tend to manifest at the start of the year, accompanied by TV ads telling you how it will “…week by week, build into a collection you – and your family – will treasure”. Though I guess that on this occasion, it might actually be the sort of thing that you’ll return to over time, no pun intended.

Mind you, it’s not necessarily very good value – 2 episodes per DVD for a standard cost of £6.99 doesn’t compare that well with buying the DVD boxes and a book, though as the first issue is at the introductory lure-you-in price £1.99, that’s not so bad for the first two Eccleston episodes. Cheaper than iTunes, that’s for sure.

If you want to look for it, it’s hard to miss; the magazine-bit and DVD come mounted on a sizey piece of cardboard, and the magazine features David Tennant pointing a sonic screwdriver out at the viewer… actually, putting him on it which strikes me as a bit off (or at least a bit previous), rather as if the cover of the similar Little House On The Prairie collection didn’t feature Michael Landon.