Welcome To 2009. Would You Like A Cup Of Tea?

Well then, another year gone, and a new one started. Oh 2008, we hardly knew ye.

I’ll spare you a full run-down of which of my semi-resolutions I fulfilled, though paradoxically I got a whole load of things which weren’t on my list done (and I mean writing stuff, not things like, say, getting married). Ah well.

But rather than pick over the bones of 2008, I shall instead redouble my efforts – by this time next year (clenches fist, raises it to a thundering sky), YOU ALL SHALL KNOW MY NAME!

(For nice reasons, I mean, nothing bad.)

But, to each and every one of you, a very happy 2009, and may the year bring you everything you could ask for – as well as a few surprises.


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  1. Yes please.

  2. Milk? Sugar? Biccie?

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