I Don’t Mean To Be Rude, But: I Once Saw A Man Openly Reading A Hardcore Pornographic Magazine On The District Line. Clearly, This Is Far Worse

On the tube on the way home from finishing off my Christmas shopping the other night, I noticed that the woman sitting next to me was reading a book – which is perfectly reasonable – but strangely, she was keeping it inside her bag as she did so… as you can see from the craftily taken picture here.

Having seen a man reading an adult art pamphlet (as referred to in the title of this post) on the tube before, and also a woman reading a ‘ladies erotica novel’ about bondage and spanking without any such sense of subterfuge, I was keen and eager to know what it was that she was trying to read without letting anyone know what it was.

She turned a page, I peered at the title at the top of it, and it turned out to be this.

Shocking, I think you’ll agree.

(If nothing else, I expect the racy words used in this post to help bring in new readers via Google search.)


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  1. Ha Ha that was funny. I’d loved to see her face 🙂

  2. Thanks Dave! The odd thing was she was probably in her early twenties, with a nosering, and a generally almost-emo look – which made the book an even odder choice!

  3. I would have been ashamed too. I’m just amazed that she didn’t erect some form of hoardings. Hope you’re having a great Christmas Johnners!

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