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Here then, the covers of the latest copies of two similarly-themed magazines: the Fortean Times (issue 243, running since the 1970s), and Paranormal magazine (issue 32, founded… er, I dunno, but I’m guessing it’s more recently).

Would I be out of line to suggest the similarity of design might not be an accident?

(Full disclosure: I’ve written for the FT before, but still…)


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  1. This spine-chilling coincidence would not be out of place in the FT itself, possibly in Simulacra Corner.

    So, a Fortean Times writer, eh? Excellent magazine, which no.1 daughter still buys and I filch, thus saving money!

  2. Only the occasional review for the FT, much as I would wish it was more, but it’s a terrific magazine, I feel!

  3. A further strange matter has occurred…

    Your blog has asked for word verification, of course, but the word is…forian. A bit close to fortean, or am I making too much of this?

  4. Coincidence, or merely the illusion of coincidence, indeed!

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