You might have seen it last night, but if not, I can heartily recommend the latest edition (3/6) of Charlie Brooker’s Screen Burn, doing the rounds on BBC Four.

It’s an extra-length episode, and instead of his usual incisive (and frequently rightly abusive) commentary on TV and media, Mr B chats to a number of high-profile writers, specifically:

– Russell T Davies
– Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong
– Tony Jordan
– Paul Abbott
– Graham Linehan

So, I think you’d agree, people who are worth listening to when it comes to the business of writing. They talk about ideas, dialogue, characters, and give a few bits of advice.

If you missed it last night, fret not! Tis repeated on BBC Four at the following times:
Friday 5 December, 11.45pm – 12.35am
Sunday 7 December, 11.30pm – 12.20am

And if you’re all tech-knowledgy and have access to the BBC iPlayer, you can probably access it right now (if you inferred that I haven’t installed iPlayer yet, you’re quite right).

Definitely worth a watch if you have any kind of interest in writing for TV – or in writing generally, really.