Six Days To Write Six Words – Six Words To Sum Up A Lifetime

In case you hadn’t seen it, or had forgotten that the deadline was looming, just a quick note to remind you that The Guardian Six Word Memoir competition closes on midnight on Sunday.

I’ve entered it (though I don’t think I can provide you with a direct link to my contribution, the site seems slightly oddly set up), and I found it fun, though it is actually slightly challenging – though it’s tempting to put something irredeemably flippant (which, some might say, would be in line with my life as lived so far), I also felt slightly as if I ought to try to do it properly… whether I succeeded in this, I guess others will ultimately decide.

Anyway, if you haven’t had a go yet, why not do so?

(Link swiped from Laura, I should confess.)


Sex! Sex! Sex! (…Yep, That Should Bring In The Google Traffic)


Okay, Maybe He Didn’t Say It, But…


  1. It’s great, isn’t it? An interesting challenge.

    I had to take a screengrab of mine, there didn’t seem to be an easy way of seeing it otherwise.

  2. They haven’t updated the gallery at all since launch.

    Which is a bit shit, frankly.

  3. Oh, that is rather shabby. Poor show!

  4. John,

    Was your last just a comment or an entry to the comp? If the latter I’m afraid you’re one word over!

  5. Any more comments?
    Six words only.

  6. Was that it? Oh, alright then.

  7. Nope, I have nothing to add.

  8. Wish they’d put up the entries…

  9. Tis teh Grauniad – cloud teak sage…

  10. Immortality beckons. So far, so good.

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