The Importance Of Clarity In Gift Requests

My mother-in-law and my neice have both asked for a CD called ‘The Promise’ for Christmas.

I shall have to be very careful with the gift tags, or great disappointment may ensue…


Pay Some Attention To The Man Behind The Green Curtain. Er, I Mean ‘Black Cape’…


BBC Radio Drama Q&A


  1. Blimey, my nightmare gift on both counts. I’ll have The Promise by INXS instead, please.

  2. And there you were blogging about feeling like a grown up recently – can’t be so if you don’t like Il Divo, who I would suggest are marketed at ‘ladies of a certain age’…

  3. Chip Smith presents: “Christmas in Hell” – starring Il Divo, Girls Aloud and INXS.

    Add the Krankies and Dale Winton to that lot and I’d be truly suicidal.

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