As Penelop Pitstop Might Say: Hay-elp! Hay-elp!

I’m once again calling on the techie expertise of you good people, I’m afraid, but you’re smart folks, and I like to think you might be happy to share your wisdom…

Can anyone out there recommend any writing templates which are compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 and Vista? The freebie BBC Scriptsmart templates, good though they are, seem to be incompatible with this set-up, and I’m having a hard time finding some comparable templates to download.

(Yes, yes, I know I’m a fool for not having a Mac, and I ought to splash out on Final Draft or something similar, but I have a PC and thus have to live with it, and I’d rather not lash out the £100+ on FD this side of Christmas.)

Any assistance much appreciated – I’ll owe you a drink (tea or something stronger, your choice).



Within A Mere Twenty-Four Hours! Oh yes!


Sometimes Events Intervene And Create An Unfortunate Conjunction Between Their Name And Their Creator


  1. Hi John – I think you should be OK with Celtx which is free…download and further info here…

  2. Yep – I’d recommend Celtx too, and just use it as a standalone. Great program.

  3. Many thanks – have downloaded it, and it seems to be perfect for what I need!
    Really appreciate your help (and that drink offer is not an idle one, honest)!

  4. This is more about the title of this post that the content. A curious thing; if you watch the opening titles of The perils of Penelope Pitstop, you will see on the dashboard of a car a button distinctly labelled ‘Vibrator’.

    Oh, and by the way, I hope you’ll not take it amiss that I have memed you re your taste in books!

  5. So glad it’s not just me who’s noted that about Ms Pitstop’s dashboard, I was worried it was a figment of my imagination…

    Happy to be memed, will check and see about answering!


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