“But Surely,” He Said, “The ‘X Factor’ Is A Simpleton’s Way Of Referring To Einstein’s Cosmological Constant?”*

Anyway, let’s take a look at the previous couple of winners of ITV’s song-based talent contest:

2006 Winner: LEONA Lewis
2007 Winner: LEON Jackson

It’s 2008, and the final draws nigh (so I gather – I’m not following it). Is there an entrant called Leo this year? If so, worth a tenner at the betting shop, surely?

*Yes, yes, I know it’s lamda, but if Albert can fudge his equations, I can do the same with my post titles.


Yes, I Know That Some Sources Say It Was 616


Press Release: To All UK Tabloid Newspapers

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  1. …and there was I thinking Lamda was the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

    Interestingly, Factor X is one of the body’s enzymes that assists with the coagulation of blood. I think my blood would coagulate if I was forced to watch the X Factor for any protracted period of time.

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