Sometimes I Read Things That Make Me Want To Shout “Yes!”

…This is one such thing.

In an interview for the Writer’s Guild Magazine, writer James Moran aims a well-deserved kick at the groin of one of the most irritating and pervasive cliches about Doctor Who:

Question: Was it the old cliché of hiding behind the sofa as a kid?

Moran: […] while I did get scared a lot, I never hid behind the sofa (it was impossible, because our sofa was against the wall.) I don’t know how all these people claim to have hidden behind their sofas as kids, unless they all lived in massive, Friends-style apartments with the sofa in the middle of the room. I suspect many of them didn’t actually watch the show and are retconning their own childhood to jump on the bandwagon.

Mr Moran, I salute you.

What with this, and the fact that it’s now known by an audience of millions that Daleks can go upstairs, it must be a hell of a challenge for a lot of journalists to write about Who nowadays, eh?


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  1. Whoa … deja vu …

  2. Ah, am I repeating myself (or someone else) here?

    Apologies if I – or you – have said this before, it was just that I found the interview and it made me smile like a fool.


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