I wish I could claim that this post was going to live up to the promise of its title, and tell you absolutely everything you could ever need to know about screenwriting in a creative fashion, but brace yourself: it’s more of a pointer towards a site which not only rejoices under the above name, but which also offers a number of freebies of interest if you’re a writer.

Creative Screenwriting is a magazine, based in the USA, but sold in various locations around the globe, but if you can’t find a copy near you, you can still benefit from it, particularly in the following two ways…

Firstly, there’s a free weekly newsletter which you can subscribe to here. It tends to focus on the content of the current issue, but it also has the ‘headlines’ of writing-related news, and links to issues of interest. Certainly worth giving it a quick skim every week to see if anything in there catches your eye, I feel.

Secondly – and arguably more usefully – the magazine also issues regular podcasts, featuring interviews with a number of well-known writers. Specific ones I’ve enjoyed this week have been Q&As with the writers of Hot Fuzz, Zodiac and the Dark Knight, and I’m looking forward to the fruits of further rummages through the archive. You can find them at the magazine’s blog page, which is here.

On the basis of the material mentioned above, I fully intend to pick up a copy of the actual real-world magazine as soon as I find it, but of course it could well be that you good people already know all about it, and the above is very much a case of teaching one of your parents’ parents to produce a vacuum on the external surface of an unfertilised fowl ovum.

So, if the above is old news, then I apologise – but if not, well, then, I suggest you take a clicky-look!