Numbers Which May Or May Not Be Relevant To The Current Fuss About Brand And Ross’s Phone Messages To Andrew Sachs

(Details of the fuss here )

– The age of Mr Sachs (78)
– Number of complaints received before press coverage (2)
– Number of complaints received after the Daily Mail covered the story (4700)
– Number of days which it took for the Mail to cover the story (8)
– Number of semi-dressed pictures of Andrew Sachs’s granddaughter in the Daily Mail coverage of the story (5)
– The salaries of Ross and Brand (seven figures and six figures respectively)
– Number of answerphone messages left (4)
– Number of people involved who left Germany in 1938 because of Nazi persecution of Jews (1)
– Number of newspapers involved who supported the Blackshirts and Nazis between 1934 and 1939 (1)
– Number of comedians whose apologies referred to Daily Mail support for Nazis (1)
– Number of uses of phrase ‘full transcript’ to describe an edited version of the messages (1)
– Number of times I laughed whilst listening to the podcast, prior to press coverage (>1)
– Probability as a percentage that there are more than two possible opinions to hold on this matter (>50)


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  1. You have been shamelessly blogwhored. By me. Over at my place. But I have, of course, credited you.

  2. I might be more annoyed on behalf of Ross and Brand if they weren’t such a smug pair of tossers neither of whom are as funny as they think they are.

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