Make My Friends Wealthy: Two Of Two

I’ve mentioned the band Kyro before on the blog, and as a quick squint at previous posts will show, I think they kick bottom. And that I’m biased as their lead singer Ian George is a friend of mine.

Well, Kyro are no longer together (they went through a couple of name changes before splitting up, which makes me think of the fate of the band Dead Monkeys in the Monty Python Rock Notes sketch), but Ian is now a solo artist, and crikey o’blimey if he doesn’t have a single, Number One Creation, out in collaboration with the group Remember. Have a look at the video here.

It’s really rather good, isn’t it ? Ian’s the chap at the podium, and I think he carries it off rather well – not just the singing, but looking like he’s hectoring the audience too. Of course I’m biased as he’s a good sort, but on the other hand since when we used to work together we’d try to make each other giggle in meetings by saying “Yeah, I’m dealing with that work Ian’s passed me, but the information’s kind of fragmented and …bitty“, seeing him playing the role so well makes me even more impressed.

Anyway, he’s a very talented singer and musician and a jolly decent chap, and the single’s available to buy from iTunes for the piffling sum of 79p (unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to provide a direct link to that or to embed the video, though that might be my techno-density at work), and I gather it’ll be on Amazon and Napster soon too. So, if you like the video (and what’s not to like? It’s really rather different from so many promos, I think), or the song, or just want to ensure you make it onto my ‘Nice’ list as Christmas approaches, why not buy it?

And if you’re feeling brave, you could even leave a comment on Youtube about the video – but if you do… well, you’re braver than me. Folks who post comments there all too frequently seem determined to make Web 2.0 look like a chimps’ tea party, it seems, so I hope you’ll try to raise the standard.


Make My Friends Wealthy: One Of Two


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  1. Good track. Enjoyed it immensely. I shall insist on a copy.

    ‘lala lalala … Number one creation … la la lalala …’

  2. Glad you like it, and that it’s not just me being totally biased!

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