Make My Friends Wealthy: One Of Two

A quick glance at the column to the right will show the name Stevyn Colgyn, and regular readers will know that I’ve linked to comments and stuff on Steve’s blog before (and he’s reciprocated). What I haven’t directly drawn your attention to yet is the fact that Steve has a book out, called Joined-Up Thinking. Though you might well have guessed that from the picture.

Yes, a real book, with a hardcover and a dustjacket and everything. And I can confidently – and honestly – say that it’s a corking read, as I just finished reading my copy last night; Steve was kind enough to give me a signed (and indeed cartooned) copy a day or so ahead of publication, and even with my slow, finger-across-the-page reading style, I rattled throught it at a good old rate, because it’s fun and addictive stuff, showing all sorts of connections between things which you’d never have known about otherwise (as a huge fan of Twin Peaks, I was delighted to see it connected to Les Miserables, to give but one example).

It’s a lively read, and I heartily recommend it. Try not to be swayed by my bias – Steve’s a thoroughly nice chap, and a friend – because it’s good fun, and Steve writes well, especially when explaining the background to things. Oh, and one short chapter does a great job of debunking a number of urban myths, which I found particularly enjoyable (though maybe that’s because I’m always the first one to hit ‘Reply All’ and type ‘Urban Myth’ when I get one of those e-mails warning me of some unlikely peril, or claiming that I’ll get a gazillion pounds from Bill Gates if I forward it to ten people I know).

You can buy it online – here, for example – and in all good bookshops (yes, and some otherwise shoddy ones as well).

Go on, buy a copy (or more than one), and see why one reviewer referred to the book as ‘Trivia Porn’ (though that’s a better pastime than Porn Trivia – after all, few of us can remember the names of the lighting crew on Naughty Gym Instructors I – VII)…


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Make My Friends Wealthy: Two Of Two


  1. Actually it was Harry Trembler and Bill Florn, the same guys who did the lighting for Close Encounters of the Nude Kind and Bapman and Rubbin’.

    You’re too kind. And so easily bought with just a John Hancock and a doodle.

  2. I too can thoroughly recommend Stevyn’s tome, and not just because I got a free copy and a mention in Round 30. No; it is a good read!

    I spotted a number of JUTs on sale at a WH Smith store in Greenford today. I had the urge to approach a woman browsing nearby and attempt to persuade her to buy a copy with a jolly ‘A good friend of mine wrote that, you know!’. Unfortunately if you indulge in that kind of behaviour these days you are thought to be part of the Care in the Community scheme. Heck, the lady concerned might even have thought me the kind of person who would hoover up a mouse without so much as a by-your-leave. So I contented myself with a little nod in the book’s direction.

  3. Steve:
    Harry Trembler, that was it! I thought it was Henry. Dammit.
    And I am very easily bought – a cup of tea is often about all it takes.

    Chris, I’m sure I don’t know what you mean about mousehoovering, ahem (whistles innocently, rolls eyes skywards)…

    Latest J-UT sighting: Waterstones Trafalgar Square, in the 3 for 2 offer. Again, not many left…


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