In Which We See Cross-Platform Marketing Fail To Synergise For This Potential Consumer

My eyes, and my mind, boggle:
Surely this is the least likely film-to-theme-park-ride conversion ever?

My eyes roll skywards:
This tatty cash-in is also available on download, for which we should be grateful – because, if nothing else, it means that charity shops up and down the land won’t be full of discarded CD copies in a month’s time when the joke inevitably goes stale – as was the case with, say, I’m Gonna Be (500 miles) and Vindaloo – the video for which, I now realise, featured Mr Kay’s brother, ha ha.

Oh, my ribs! Hey, does anyone remember the 1980s? Rubik Cubes and Deeley-Boppers? Eh ? Eh?

Sheesh, tough crowd…


I Would Have Let This One Pass As ‘Homage’, But…


This Is What Happens When You Watch Too Many Cartoons As A Child


  1. ‘Saw’ ride ? God that’s desperate.

  2. Unless you have to unlock your seat restraint within a particular timeframe or pay the grisly price, of course. Though I doubt Thorpe Park would go for that.

    I’ve only seen the first of the Saw films, and thought it was okay, though in an odd way I do admire the fact that the actual plots of the film show an almost comic-fan-like tightness of continuity (from what I hear, anyway).


  3. Er, I mean films.


  4. The sequels aren’t as good, but I accept that the first one is pretty impressive.

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