I Would Have Let This One Pass As ‘Homage’, But…

…then I saw the names of the actors above the title.

Alec Baldwin and Scarlet Johansson together in a film? Wow, that might be – hey, hang on a minute, they put the forenames of the cast in smaller type in the hope I wouldn’t notice! The swines!

And that mendacity of marketing is enough to make me think nope, it’s a swipe.


Three Is The New Thirty, It Seems, But Is Cookery The New Underground?


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  1. Shameful. And you just know the film is going to be a steaming pile of foetid chum.

  2. Why do they even bother making stuff like this ? It’ll be a straight to video piece of crap, so why not donate the budget to charity, not make it and do something useful with the time instead ? Ah, if only the world were like that.

  3. Oddly enough, I had trouble finding much info about this, but this page has as much detail as anyone could ask for. Turns out the female lead IS related to the new Mrs Reynolds, it’s like getting Don Swayze and Deedee Pfeiffer to star in a film…

  4. Only cheaper.

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