Gifts To Astound And Amaze

Sweet Jesus!

Hot, sweet Jesus!

… and if you’re wondering how I found these items, well, I was looking for a nice Christmas present to give to you. Oh yes.


Reporting Lottery Wins With An Undercurrent of Sex? What Next? Erotic Bank Statements?


How To Annoy People – Lesson The First


  1. As for the second link, that man has rather implausible hair doesn’t he ?

  2. I’m sure he’d attribute it to a plentiful intake of the tea.
    Or a friend in the bri-nylon business.

  3. I was going to put an order in for Benjino, but then I thought he might put a cap in my ass for doing so…

  4. I’m thinking Big Deuce would be look handsome on my fireplace mantle. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!! Loving your blog, by the way.

  5. Benjino takes orders from no-one. You are wise to relent, Chip.

    Katie, welcome! You could always put Big Deuce in a location which might deter intruders..?


  6. Is it me or do all the photos of Dr Miller – he of the Holy Tea – look like a shop window dummy? Has he actually died from a surfeit of his own thistle beverage and the company is trying to have us over? Is this the Atkins Diet story all over again. Oh no. Sorry. Dr Akins died from falling over didn’t he? Snorf.

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