Higgs Boson Discovered On Day One : Particle Collision Info Leaked By Whistle-Blower

Click to enlarge and see the real reason the Large Hadron Collider has been switched off until next year.

(Is this offensive? Only, I think, to scientists who might not like to consider the possibility that they might be wrong. But if you disagree, that’s what the Comment function is for…)


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  1. It’s not offensive to an old crusty atheist like me.

    Incidentally, in order to leave this comment, I was prompted by ‘word verification’ to type some supposedly random letters into a box. Usually, these letters spell naught of interest. But for this comment I had to type ‘BEGUNKIA’. What a fabilous word. Sounds like one of those made-up countries that princes always came from in ‘Dallas’ and ‘Dynasty’.

    ‘I am Bertrand, Prince of Begunkia! And I claim you Sue Ellen as my royal concubine!’

  2. Fabilous is quite good too. Curse you fat fingers. (for this addendum I had to type GRNSRVK. Not nearly so much fun).

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